The easiest way to scrape real estate data

Extract property data as easily as a few clicks from the most popular real estate websites, like Zillow, Redfin, Realtor, and more, or build your custom property data scraper for any website in less than two minutes.
Practical examples

All data you need to catch a great deal.

Collect real estate data in your Excel file or Google Sheets. Push data to Zapier,, or 5,000+ applications to automate your data pipeline.

Generate leads

Monitor new properties on real estate websites to find the latest ones that are posted by owners.

Capture property data and prices

Increase and decrease in prices, price ranges and types.

Extract public records

Check public records automatically and capture mortgage, loans, and insurance lists.

Get consumer insights

Extract reviews to get insight on popular properties and trending neighborhoods.

Monitor competitors

Monitor your competitors for property availability and price changes and compare prices.

Find people contacts

Extract group members' details from different platforms and find event attendees that are relevant to your business.
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Prebuilt Robots

How to extract property data from real estate websites?

Easily extract data from popular real estate websites with just a few clicks using prebuilt robots.


With this Prebuilt Robot, you can download listed properties on Zillow as a spreadsheet or send it to a Google Sheet or Airtable.

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This prebuilt robot extracts list of properties from a search URL with just a few clicks.

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This prebuilt robot will help you extract list of properties from Redfin with just a few clicks.

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More Prebuilt Robots

Browse AI offers over 50 prebuilt robots as an alternative to custom robot creation. Try them with just a few clicks!

Build your custom robot with No-Code

Scrape data from real estate websites in less than 2 minutes

Define your target real estate website and specify your data points.

You can scrape every website on the internet with Browse AI. Choose one website that you frequently visit and specify what you want to scrape. Like list of realtors from
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Build your own custom real estate data scraper.

Signup for Browse AI, navigate to your dashboard. Start training a robot by pointing and clicking on the data you need. Your robot will extract the data while repeating your actions.

Scrape from thousands of property links with bulk runs.

Your robot can extract data from thousands of properties at once. You can fuel your data pipelines in matter of minutes with bulk scraping.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Monitor new properties and price changes.

Monitor websites for the latest published properties, or, monitor individual properties for changes in price, descriptions, or reviews. Receive an email notification when something change.

Transfer your data with a few clicks

Easily transfer data to Google Sheets, Airtable, or connect your robot to over 5,000 other tools and CRMs using Zapier, Pabbly, or Our API and webhooks can also be used to integrate your internal systems with Browse AI.
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Get a demo for your data extraction scenario

Browse AI automation experts can help you with a complete end-to-end solution for all your web scraping needs as a real estate company.

Contact us today and schedule a call to discuss how can you leverage data extraction to make better investments.
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