Browse AI has been immensely helpful as it enabled us to scrape live inventory data from our retailers that they are unwilling to provide to new vendors. This means my sales team knows who to call and when and saves immeasurable time.

Taylor McCarten
CEO, BinBreeze

What can I Monitor?

Product Details

Have the current product inventory on an e-commerce site in a spreadsheet that auto-updates hourly, including product categories, details, images, stock availability, prices, and reviews.

Job Postings

Build a lead pipeline using job postings that meet your criteria on any website. Connect it to Google Sheets, Airtable, or any other software using Zapier.

Real-estate Listings & Permits

Be the first to know when new listings are posted or new permits are issued in your region. Receive the data via email, Google Sheets, or any other software you use.

Company Information and More

Any information you can find on the web can be monitored and integrated into other software you use. It only takes 2 minutes.
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Everything you need to Monitor the web precisely

Custom schedules

Advanced Monitoring enables you to run your monitoring checks at the exact time you want; for example, every business day at 9am and 5pm.

Monitor many pages on a website

You only need to train your robot once. You can provide different URLs from the same website, and your robot will extract the desired data with the same structure.

Bulk monitoring

With Browse AI's Bulk Monitor feature, you can easily monitor hundreds of thousands of pages on any website.

Works on any website

Browse AI software is built to work on any website and its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology further optimizes automations every time they run.

Enterprise-grade availability

Browse AI operates on a scalable infrastructure and intelligently adapts to website changes to run your monitoring checks with a perfect success rate at the right time.

Monitor pages behind a login

Browse AI allows you to monitor pages that require a login. When training the robot, you can log in on the website as usual and instruct the robot to do the same.

Monitor any page on the web for changes.

Get notified when something changes on a website.

Integrate with other tools to automate your workflow

Your automations can be connected two-way to Google Sheets, Airtable, and 5,000+ other apps in no time.
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