Our mission is to give every individual and business equal opportunity to benefit from information on the internet.

How it began...

The web used to be more equal and accessible.

We use the web more or less the same way we were 20 years ago: using internet browsers. Except, websites have become so heavy we need super computers to have 10 tabs open. On top of this, big corporations spend millions on teams of engineers to scrape as much data as they can from the web and make it impossible to collect data from their sites.

People and small businesses are hurt the most. They need more data to be able to grow, but even though there is plenty of valuable live data on the web, collecting them is incredibly expensive and time-consuming, and impossible at scale.

We wanted a change. So we rolled up our sleeves in 2020 and got started with building the first missing piece: an easy, affordable, and reliable way to extract and monitor data from the web at scale.

We launched the first version for the public in September 2021.

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Operating Principles

1. Optimize for Happiness: We use software to make people happier. This is only possible if we genuinely care about our users and partners.

2. The Simplest Alternative: The world is too complicated. We create value by making it simpler.

3. Minimal Headcount: We set up processes and automations that allow us to invest more in our existing team members and pay them well.

4. Data-driven Decision-making: Every high-impact decision we make must be backed by data.

Team members
User rating on G2
Data records extracted by users
Our journey

Milestones that got us to where we are today.

2020 • January
Started with 2 team members, self-funded.

Burnt the midnight oil prototyping for six months.
(no, not all of it was spent on making the 3D robot, that only took 5 months)

2020 • September
Propel Startup Pre-accelerator in Edmonton

Went through a pre-accelerator program at Startup Edmonton and a number of positioning and product pivots.

2021 • July
XX Accelerator in San Francisco

Spent the summer in SF going through an accelerator and working day and night to prepare for the public launch after pivots.
XX made the first investment in Browse AI.

2021 • September
Launched on ProductHunt

The launch on ProductHunt went great. We got 1,600+ upvotes and a surge of users that lasted a long time.
These users gave us valuable feedback that shaped the roadmap for the next year.

2022 • February
Investment from Angels of Many

The user feedback kept coming and our product roadmap kept growing. We also have plans to add many additional pieces to make the product more holistic. Meanwhile, one of our users who worked at Angels of Many, was using the product and loved the approach, so they contacted us and became our second investor.
We used this funding to scale to 12 team members full-time.

2022 • August
10,000 Signed Up Users and
Investment from Zapier

Our steady growth is taking more momentum.
Two senior staff at Zapier were using Browse AI and told their executives. They were impressed with our product, engagement, and growth achievements and saw a lot of similarities between our journey and theirs early on. They became our 3rd investors.

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