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Great REST API connections make it easy for me to use the information captured in a workflow - or post it into a database. Also provides solid documentation for this.

Martin T.
Senior Consultant - Business automation
Tech Startup

The ease of use and webhooks to integrate into our API are exactly what we need.

Hogan L.

Run robots or schedule monitors using API

Almost anything you can do on your Browse AI dashboard can be done via the API as well. Your robot can extract structured data from up to 50,000 pages on a website with a single API call and return them in a custom JSON format. There are examples for every API endpoint in 10 programming languages.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Receive data using Webhooks

As soon as the data is extracted, Browse AI can call your webhook endpoint to send you the information. This allows you to integrate Browse AI with your internal tools or connect to other services that do not have integrations with Browse AI. You can also configure your webhooks to only be called when certain changes are detected on the target website.

What Browse AI offers

Scalability & availability

Browse AI operates on a scalable AWS infrastructure and intelligently adapts to website changes to deliver your web data with perfect speed and accuracy at any volume.

The easiest way to scrape websites

To scrape a website with Browse AI, you just need to train a robot by selecting the data within 2 minutes. Once done, you can connect to the API to run your robot on-demand.

Reusable robots

Every robot that you create comes with input parameters like the page URL or any text input it has to fill. You can adjust the input parameters every time you run the robot and scrape data from other pages that have a similar layout.

Works on any website

Browse AI can scrape any website on the web. You can extract data from a local vendor to global websites or government websites.

Developer-friendly API

Browse AI offers a well-documented API and a helpful technical team for support during implementation. Try importing the OpenAPI specifications into Postman and test it now!

Extract data behind login

Your robots can log in on your behalf (either using your credentials or session cookies) and extract the data you need from any website. Robots don’t just extract data – they also imitate every click, scroll, and form filling that you do as you train them.

Create a production-ready API Now!

Extracting data from web with API has never been this easy.
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