Research & Education

It doesn't require coding and the data is directly fed into an excel sheet. that is easy to share and use.

Yash W.
Researcher, University of Texas
Entertainment services

We've used many related tools in the past and Browse AI is by far the most powerful and easiest to use to date.

Holden Thomas
Director, Cirqus
Financial Services

Browse AI was super easy to use and opened up a lot of opportunities for us to aggregate information that would have taken us months to develop.

Samer Sidani
CEO, Metastream

Extract data like never before

Empower Your Data Extraction with Browse AI's Powerful and Easy-to-Use Features.

Any data you want from any website

Browse AI is built for extracting data from any website on the internet. You can train a robot by pointing at the data, and your robot will take care of the rest. 

Your data is always up-to-date

Have your data re-extracted and updated hourly or daily so you always have live data in your spreadsheet or other tools that you use.

Extract data behind login

Your robot can log into any website on your behalf using your credentials or session cookies, and transform your data into a spreadsheet.

Extract data from many pages on a website

Upload a CSV of links or train robots to find all pages on a website and extract their data within minutes without coding.

Integrate with other tools to automate your workflow

Your robots can be connected two-way to Google Sheets, Airtable, and 5,000+ other apps in no time.
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Want to explore Browse AI's capabilities further and create a custom solution for your use case? Browse AI automation specialists are here to make your data extraction experience smooth, reliable, and effective.

Connect with our specialists to discuss how you can scrape, monitor, and transform web data into the most powerful resource for your business.
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