Turn websites into APIs

Need to regularly extract data from a website or web app that doesn’t have an API? Create your own scalable API with no code.

Price monitoring

Track competitor pricing, discounts, and promotions to stay ahead in the market and make data-driven pricing decisions.

Product data extraction

Collect product information such as names, descriptions, images, and specifications from e-commerce websites, making it easier to compare products or perform market analysis.

Lead generation

Extract contact information from business directories to generate a list of potential leads for sales and marketing purposes.

Real estate data collection

Extract property listings, pricing, and other details to analyze market trends, find investment opportunities, or compare properties.

Sentiment analysis

Extract reviews, comments, or social media posts to analyze customer sentiment and feedback, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and improve their offerings.

News and content aggregation

Monitor news websites, blogs, or forums to stay updated on industry trends, collect research data, or find content for curation.

Job posting monitoring

Track job listings across multiple platforms to find new opportunities, perform market research, or gain insights into hiring trends.

Stock and financial data extraction

Collect stock prices, financial reports, or other relevant data to support investment decisions or track market trends.

Social media monitoring

Monitor social media platforms for mentions of your brand, products, or competitors to stay informed about customer opinions and market trends.

Academic research

Extract data from research papers, journals, or conference proceedings to support literature reviews, citation analysis, or other academic projects.

Travel and hospitality data collection

Extract hotel and flight information, including pricing, availability, and amenities, to compare travel options, identify trends, or build a travel aggregator platform.

Monitoring patent and trademark databases

Keep track of new patents or trademarks filed by competitors or within specific industries to stay informed about innovation and protect intellectual property.

Retail store and location data

Extract data on retail store locations, opening hours, and contact information to build a store locator, analyze market saturation, or plan expansion strategies.

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