The Best Way to Scrape Data for Law Firms

Navigate the complexities of the legal landscape with a strategic edge. Stay up-to-date on case laws, monitor regulatory changes, and quantify public opinion. Transform web data into a powerful tool for enhancing your legal game plan and better serving your clients.
Practical examples

All the data you need to make strategic legal decisions.

Extract legal data and turn it into an Excel file or Google Sheet. Push data to 5,000+ applications or integrate with your internal systems through an API to automate your seamless data pipeline.

Case Research

Aggregate data from multiple legal databases, academic journals, and forums to get a comprehensive understanding of case history and legal theories without manual effort.

Market Analysis

Fortify your positioning and growth potential by consistently extracting data about emerging market trends, competitors’ services, client budgets, and testimonials. 

Laws and Compliance

Keep on top of the latest regulations, new court judgments, and changes in compliance requirements that could impact your business and clients.

Client Prospecting

Master proactive client management and identify new opportunities by tracking mentions of current or potential clients on news sites and databases. 

Contract Management

Never waste time analyzing contracts individually. Evaluate multiple contracts and terms by extracting data from online resources and making data-driven negotiations.  

Due Diligence

Reduce risks and make faster decisions by automatically scraping records for background checks on potential partners, clients, or employees. 

Level up your legal expertise with better data

Transfer your data with a few clicks

Easily transfer data to Google Sheets, Airtable, or connect your robot to over 5,000 other tools and CRMs using Zapier, Pabbly, or Browse AI's API makes it simple to push fresh data to your internal systems.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Browse AI's pricing.
How does Browse AI work?
Browse AI helps you easily scrape specific data or monitor changes on a website using a robot. To create a robot, you simply need to:
  1. Sign up for a free account. No credit card required.
  2. Select between “Extract Structured Data” or “Monitor Site Changes”
  3. Enter the URL of the website you want to scrape
  4. Download the browser extension and click “Build New Robot”
  5. Point and click on the webpage to show the robot which details to capture 
  6. Review the data and confirm whether the robot is accurate or needs retraining.
  7. Name your robot, click save, and export the data in your desired format 
Want to learn more about how to build a robot on Browse AI? Check out this tutorial or our help center article to get started.  
What websites does Browse AI work on?
Browse AI is designed to work on any website, from popular online marketplaces to niche service providers. However, there are some limitations based on various factors, so keep them in mind when extracting data from particular websites.
How do I monitor changes on websites?
Every robot on Browse AI offers a monitoring feature that provides updates on changes in real time. Within your robot on your Browse AI dashboard, you can find the “Monitor” tab and the option to “Add new monitor.” Simply input your parameters of choice, including the webpage, the number of items, and the frequency you want the monitor to run at.

With this feature, you can get notified of any updates through your preferred communication channel. You can even set up multiple monitors to keep track of related pages. Learn more about how to set up a monitor here.
What’s the difference between prebuilt robots and custom robots? 
Robots are created either using prebuilt robots or using the Browse AI dashboard’s click-and-extract interface. Every robot has a few input parameters (like the webpage address) that you can adjust every time you run it.

Prebuilt robots are designed with specific parameters for popular use-cases so you can run them right away. But you always have the ability to build and train a custom robot for your particular needs.  
How can I scrape data from lists and associated pages?
Browse AI's workflow feature is a robust tool that enables integrating two robots and running them in sequence. Using workflows, you can configure a robot to perform consecutive runs of two robots, perform bulk runs, or even automatically extract data from detail pages without doing anything manually.

Find out how you can set up a seamless workflow with Browse AI here.
Can I run multiple tasks at once? 
The simple answer – yes! Browse AI offers a powerful feature called “Bulk Run” that enables you to process large amounts of data simultaneously.

With this feature, which can be found in the robot dashboard under the “Run Task” tab, allows you to upload a CSV containing up to 50,000 different sets of Input Parameters and immediately create a task for each one of them. The tasks will then be processed in a queue and you will get the full data set they have extracted once they are finished.
Is my data secure? 
Browse AI takes the security of your data very seriously. That’s why we take meticulous encryption and access management measures to ensure data privacy and security. 
What are my rights on the data I scrape? 
The data that you scrape using Browse AI is the same data that is available when you access websites through a browser. It’s essential to remember that the ownership and permissible usage of the data that is shared with you depends on the specific terms and conditions of the website sharing them. Be mindful of websites’s regulations and compliance considerations to ensure responsible scraping.
What if I have more questions?
You can always visit the Help Center to learn more about Browse AI.
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