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Extract Google search results ‌‌by country

With this prebuilt robot, you can extract search results from google search pages from a certain country. You can download the results as a CSV, save them on Google Sheets, receive them using webhooks, or use Zapier or Pabbly to automate your workflow.

The prebuilt robot is designed to extract top and bottom ads, as well as organic search results from a specific country for a given keyword. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to monitor their positions in organic rankings or to identify competitors running Google Ads.

Another potential use case for this prebuilt robot is for digital marketing agencies that manage multiple clients. The tool can help agencies track their clients' search engine performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their services to clients.

You only need to provide the following:

  • Search keyword
  • Country Code (2-character country code)
  • Maximum number of organic results you need

Your robot will extract these for you:

  • Top Ad Title
  • Top Ad Description
  • Top Ad Link
  • Bottom Ad Title
  • Bottom Ad Description
  • Bottom Ad Link
  • Organic result Title
  • Organic result Description
  • Organic result Link

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