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Extract Bing US search results

With this prebuilt robot, you can extract Bing US search results by simply providing a keyword or search query. The robot will collect crucial data, such as search result URLs, page titles, descriptions, paid ads, and more. This enables you to gather important information about your search query without having to navigate through search pages manually.

Also, Browse AI's Bulk Run feature allows you to extract data from multiple search queries simultaneously. By providing a list of keywords or search queries, Browse AI will extract search results for each query, saving you time and effort in the data-gathering process.

Once you've extracted the results, you can export the data in various formats, such as a spreadsheet, or save it directly to Google Sheets or Airtable. Additionally, you can integrate the extracted data into your existing workflows using Zapier, allowing for seamless connectivity with over 5,000 applications.

You can track search results for specific keywords or queries over time by setting up a monitor using Browse AI's prebuilt robot. This information can help you stay informed about changes in your industry, emerging trends, and the performance of your online presence.

Use cases:

  • Perform market research by analyzing search trends and competitor rankings on Bing.
  • Monitor ad placements and strategies by extracting top and bottom ads from Bing search results.
  • Gather data for SEO analysis, content optimization, and advertising campaigns.
  • Enhance your digital marketing strategies by analyzing search result patterns and ad performance.

You just need to provide the following:

  • A search keyword
  • Maximum number of organic results

Your robot will extract these for you:

  • Top Ads
  • Organic Results
  • Bottom Ads
Sample Output
Organic Results


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WEBBrowse AI provides a multitude of functionalities that make it easy for you to gather data from the internet seamlessly. Scraping Lists, data, and screenshots with no code With Browse AI, you can extract a huge amount of data from any website in almost 2 minutes with no coding required.



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WEB10,000 users and investment from Zapier. Our steady growth was starting to take more momentum. Two senior staff at Zapier were using Browse AI and told their executives. They were impressed with our product, engagement, and growth achievements and saw a lot of similarities between our journey and theirs early on. Zapier became our 3rd investors.



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WEBBrowse AI is the first AI-powered web automation software that learns to perform data extraction, monitoring, and automation tasks on the web simply by observing someone perform the actions once. There are 3 ways to use Browse AI: Choose a …



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WEBSuperpowers Browse AI will give you: - Set up web scraping automations using an easy to use point-and-click interface. - Download data as a spreadsheet or sync it with a Google Sheet. - Run tasks on a schedule and monitor data for changes. - Stream data into any other software using the Zapier integration or REST API and webhooks.



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WEB17 mai 2024 · Bulk scraping. You can use Browse AI to automate web scraping for as many as 50,000 items. It's nearly as easy as scraping a single item, except that instead of using Browse AI's web interface to start the process, you'll need to upload a CSV. Note that scraping doesn't happen at lightning-quick speeds.


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