Extract the Reviews of a Business on BBB

BBB.org is part of the Better Business Bureau, a respected nonprofit that connects consumers with trustworthy businesses. It serves as a go-to for posting and reading business reviews, helping everyone make better-informed decisions.

Extracting reviews from BBB.org gives you access to a wealth of customer opinions and business responses. This data is invaluable for anyone looking to get a real sense of how businesses handle customer interactions and maintain their reputations.

Use Cases:

  • Reputation Management: Stay on top of what customers are saying to keep your business’s reputation sparkling.
  • Customer Experience Insights: Understand what makes your customers tick and how to make their experiences even better.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Dive into the nuances of customer feedback to pick up on trends and areas needing attention.

By integrating this data into tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, and Zapier, you can automate and refine your analysis, keeping your operations sharp and responsive.

Using this robot to extract reviews from BBB.org is a smart move for keeping in touch with consumer trends and boosting your engagement strategies.

Sample Output
Reviewer Name
Review Text
Dan S
5 stars
I work with a small community organisation serving independent filmmakers. Like many small community groups, we have big dreams but small pockets. Our grasp, to some extent, exceeded our reach in terms of two technically complex construction projects that required a construction team with significant skills, knowledge, and experience that was willing to take on a smaller project with a ton of meaning (but not a ton of cash) for the community. The two projects included the construction of Vancouver’s last publicly accessible cine-film processing darkroom in the heart of Vancouvers downtown east side. This represented a dream project for us that took several years to come to fruition. The MYK team enthusiastically took on our two projects, immediately understood their symbolic significance for the community and moved them ahead despite numerous technical obstacles. Despite being a small customer, they treated us like a big customer and delivered the project on time and on budget. At a number points along the way, they walked the extra mile and made a number of value added contributions (without cost) that were not in the original scope of work. In today’s complex corporate world, if is possible to find a business with a family-like feel, that cares about the people they serve, then this is it.
Georgeta D
5 stars
100 Satisfaction! delivered by MYK Construction and their team *****As a hotel our first priority is guest satisfaction, and the workers and management of MYK team were considerate of the situation. They had such pleasant attitude towards both the employees and our guests that even during construction period our guest satisfaction rating was increasing.The project manager was always on site and his coordination was flawless. Sub-contractor were well-supervised and clearly chosen for their excellence. Taking out tiles, making lots of noise and dust is not a pleasant situation to deal with but their team made it happen exceeding our expectation.They delivered within the budget despite minor inconveniences, and job was completed it on-time in a professional manner. It is with great pleasure to recommend MYK Construction Ltd. ***************************** General Manager ***************************************
Salim D
5 stars
We have been working with MYK Construction on various projects (hotel and multifamily property renovations) over the last 3 years and we are always impressed by their quality of work and communication. Their team truly cares about getting things right and we highly recommend them! -******* ********** ****
5 stars
It's a pleasure to engaged MYK Construction to renovate our hotel's lobby and restaurant. They always communicate with the hotel management team proactively to ensure materials are on site and ready. They have been provided timely updates on the progress of the renovation so we could minimize any disruption to our guests. ***'s attention to detail in their craftsmanship is truly impressive; many times, I thought things were already perfect, but they managed to identify areas for further improvement. *** was able to sticked with budget even though there were minor unexpected things happened out of the current scope of work. It is a great honor to work with MYK!!****************************** Hotel
Captured Text
Review Rating
Number of Reviews
Business Name
BBB Rating
Accredited Since
Years in Business
5/5 stars
MYK Construction Ltd.

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