Monitor competitor and retailer prices at scale.

In today's competitive market, you can't grow without live intelligence on your competitors and retailers' product inventory and offerings.

It's almost impossible to manually monitor hundreds of products on tens of websites every day or multiple times a day.

12,000+ businesses use Browse AI to automate processes like price and inventory monitoring. You can set everything up yourself within minutes, or contact us for free onboarding and consultation.

You don't need to be an engineer to set up a scraper yourself.

Just point and click.


Go to your competitor or supplier's website.


Search the category or the list of products that you want to monitor.
You can monitor prices, availability, reviews, or anything else that is displayed on the site.


Click on the robot and show it the details you want to extract and monitor. You will then be able to integrate this data with any other tool that you use.

Teach the robot how to address the pagination

Is there a load more button? Do you want the robot clicks on the next page? Choose your pagination method, and the robot will learn from you.

Set the schedule.

Sometimes you need to run monitoring checks only once a week, sometimes you need them every 5 minutes on business days between 9am and 9pm. Any schedule is possible.

Just set it up and forget about it.
We will notify you when something changes.

Integrate with a few clicks.

Browse AI integrates with Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, Pabbly, and more.
Using Zapier, you can connect your robot to 5,000+ other tools or you can use webhooks and the API to develop a custom solution.


Where do you want to have the data? In your Google Sheet? Your internal software?
Use our API, or use integration with Google Sheets, Zapier, Pably or Airtable.

It’s the easiest scraper that we’ve ever used, and the ability to listen for changes is game-breaking. It now serves a core part of our business and saves us thousands of dollars per month. Can’t wait to see what other features await us down the line!

Weiwei Li

Co-Founder at Honeybeehub in Canada

Browse AI has been immensely helpful as it enabled us to scrape live inventory data from our retailers that they are unwilling to provide to new vendors. This means my sales team knows who to call and when and saves immeasurable time. 10/10

Taylor McCarten

CEO at BinBreeze in Canada

User experience was great - the recorder is really easy to navigate which makes setting up the routines you want incredibly simple and straightforward. Between good UX and a 2 minute walkthrough video, I was up and running instantly.

Evan L.

Operations in Canada

Extracting data from any website has become so much easier with Browse AI. Can be customized according to your preference. Works like magic on any website. Loved the integration and bulk uploading.

Shruti S.

Lead Generation Specialist in U.S.

It’s extremely easy to get started and start tagging the information that has to be scraped/crawled.

Federico P.

CEO in Colombia

The way you record tasks on the browser is super easy. No technical knowledge required.

Ryan L.

International Sales Manager in Spain

Very easy to scrape, very intuitive. Cloud version is fast.

Oindril D.

Software Engineer in U.S.


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Contact us today and schedule a call to discuss how data from the web can improve your products, operations, sales, and marketing.
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