Turn Any Website into an API

Select the data you need and create your own real-time API for any website in minutes.

Extract Data from Any Website

Point and click on items that you want on a webpage and download them as a spreadsheet.

Monitor Websites for Change

Monitor a website for changes over time and get notified when your robot detects a change.

Web data collection – solved.

There are plenty of features to make every automation easily possible.
Below are some of the most popular ones.

Scraping Lists, data, and screenshots with no code

With Browse AI, you can extract a huge amount of data from any website in almost 2 minutes with no coding required.

Extract data at scale with Bulk Run

Browse AI is scalable, and with the help of cutting-edge technologies, you can provide thousands of URLs and extract data from them as fast as possible.

Pagination & scroll handling

Browse AI quickly understands how to handle paginations like numbered pages, load more & infinite scrolling. Show the robot the pagination, and we'll do the rest.

Extract data behind logins

Your robot can scrape data behind login-protected webpages, too. You can use our cookie sharing option or encrypted username/password and automate sophisticated scenarios as quickly as possible.


Integrate with Google Sheet, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Make.com, and Airtable to transfer your extracted data to thousands of other tools. Using our public API, you can integrate Browse AI with your custom software without a hassle.

Extract data on a specific schedule

If you need to scrape data on an ongoing basis or schedule, you can set up your robot with different triggers, including a specific time or a repeatable flexible schedule.

Captcha Solving

If the website requires to solve a captcha, leave it to us! Browse AI resolves most of text-based captchas.

Global location-based data

If the website is location-sensitive and the content changes based on location, You can set your robot to extract data from that specific country.

Automatic adoption to layout changes

Browse AI robots will adapt to layout changes, and you don’t need to re-train your robot for UI changes.

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