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Extract the Pin list from Pinterest

Interested in deep-diving into Pinterest trends or curating content for your brand? Browse AI’s prebuilt robot makes extracting pivotal data from Pinterest pin lists a breeze. Capture the Title, Description, Image URL, and Detail Link, all in an easily digestible format for your creative projects or market analyses.

Use Cases

  • Social Media Managers & Content Creators: Create compelling Pinterest boards by understanding what resonates with the audience.
  • Brands & Marketers: Fine-tune your social media strategy with insightful data from Pinterest.
  • Researchers & Analysts: Arm your studies with data from one of the most visually engaging social platforms.

You just need to provide:

  • Pinterest Board URL or Search Query

We extract these for you:

  • Title of the Pin
  • Description of the Pin
  • Image URL
  • Detail Link to the Pin
Sample Output
Pin Link
Image URL
The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography
The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography
Antelope Canyon Arizona
The wonders of Antelope Canyon photography. Should you choose Upper or Lower for an Antelope Canyon photoshoot that you'll remember for life? Find out the best photography tips, why you should visit Arizona to see this natural wonder, and if you're ready for some Arizona hiking inside these sandstone walls.
10 Days in Croatia: The Perfect Croatia Itinerary | Road Affair
A subtly romantic garden in Italy planted with sustainability in mind
Beautiful Creatures and Nature Creations

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