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Extract TikTok Video information and comments

Are you looking to extract information from TikTok videos without any coding experience? Look no further than this prebuilt robot!

This prebuilt robot is specifically designed to extract key data from TikTok videos, including captions, hashtags, music links, video profiles, profile links, commenter profiles, comments, and dates. With just the TikTok video URL, this prebuilt robot will extract all this data for you in a matter of minutes.

But that's not all - this prebuilt robot can also extract comments from TikTok videos, making it a great tool for monitoring your competitors or your company's TikTok videos.

You will only need to provide:

  • TikTok video URL

Browse AI will extract these for you:

  • Description (including hashtags)
  • Music Link
  • Username
  • Profile Link
  • Commenter Nickname
  • Commenter Username
  • Commenter Link
  • Comment Date

Sample Output
Captured Text
Music Link
Profile Link
onlyjayus Bella Rose · 2021-4-3 Follow
Body Hacks 🧍 #fyp #bodyhacks #lifehacks #hacks #science #humanbody #health #themoreyouknow #medical #lifeadvice #facts #fact #funfacts #onlyjayus

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