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Extract Job Postings from Y Combinator

Y Combinator isn't just a launchpad for startups; it's where dreams take shape and turn into reality. Their job board is a treasure chest for anyone eager to dive into the startup scene, filled with opportunities to work with some of the most innovative companies around.

Scraping Y Combinator's job page is like having a key to the startup kingdom. It offers a sneak peek into where the action is, who's making moves, and what opportunities are ripe for the taking. Whether you're job hunting, researching, or just curious, the insights you can gather here are pure gold.

Use Cases:

  • Discover Your Dream Job: Find that perfect role where you can make a difference. This prebuilt robot helps you sort through the noise to discover opportunities that truly match your skills and passion.
  • Stay on Top of Trends: Get a bird's-eye view of the startup world. See which sectors are heating up and what skills are in demand, giving you the edge in your career or business strategy.
  • Connect with Innovators: Identify companies on the cutting edge. Use this data to network with future-thinking teams and leaders.

Plus, integrating this robot's findings into your daily tools is a breeze with Google Sheets, Airtable, or Zapier. Imagine effortlessly syncing this treasure trove of data with your workflows, ready for analysis, sharing, or action.

By tapping into Y Combinator's job listings with our robot, you're unlocking more than just job opportunities; you're stepping into a realm of possibilities where your next career leap or business insight awaits. It's not just about finding a job; it's about discovering where you belong in the vast universe of startups.

Sample Output
Company Name
Company Description
Job Title
Employment Type
Company Logo
Application URL
Evidence (S21)
Business intelligence as code
Visualization Engineer
CA / US / Remote (CA; US)
Peakflo (W22)
Bill.com for SE Asia
Founding Backend Engineer - Node.js (remote)
Bangladesh / India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka / Philippines / Iran / Malaysia / Indonesia / Vietnam / Thailand / Remote (Bangladesh; India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Philippines; Iran; Malaysia; Indonesia; Vietnam; Thailand)
Apriora (W24)
Your AI recruiter for interviewing and identifying the best talent
🚀 Full Stack Software Engineer 🚀
San Francisco, CA, US
Full Stack
MixRank (S11)
Data products for sales, marketing, finance, recruiting, and more.
Junior Software Engineer - Global/Remote
BR / AR / EG / CO / PH / CR / CL / MX / TR / PE / UY / PY / BO / EC / RU / HR / Remote (BR; AR; EG; CO; PH; CR; CL; MX; TR; PE; UY; PY; BO; EC; RU; HR)
Full Stack
Paces (S22)
Siting and Due Diligence of Green Projects
Software Engineer (Map)
Full Stack
Captured Text
Job Category
Software Engineer jobs added recently

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