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Extract Job Post Details on Workable

Workable is your go-to platform for managing the recruitment process, from posting jobs to hiring the right talent. It simplifies tracking applicants, coordinating interviews, and making the hiring process efficient for companies of all sizes.

Our robot extracts critical information from job listings on Workable, turning a static job post into a rich source of data. This data is perfect for spotting hiring trends, comparing competitive offers, and planning your next big hire.

Use Cases:

  • Trend Analysis: Keep your finger on the pulse of the job market by pulling data on what jobs are hot and where.
  • Competitor Benchmarking: See how your job offers stack up against others in your industry.
  • Recruitment Strategy: Gather valuable insights to refine your hiring process and attract the top talent.

With integrations like Google Sheets, Airtable, and Zapier, the robot doesn’t just collect data—it fits seamlessly into your existing workflows, making your data work for you in the tools you use every day.

Get ahead with this prebuilt robot, and turn job listings into a goldmine of actionable insights that drive strategic decisions.

Sample Output
Captured Text
Image URL
Job Title
Company Name
Department Name
Employment Type
About C
Company's Website
This job is not available anymore
Node.Digital is an innovative minority-owned solutions and services company that specializes in Digital Automation. We combine our proprietary agile development services (CxD) with next generation technology development to create seamless and beneficial customer experiences. We drive Digitalization and Automation by blending the right combination of Story, Strategy and Technology to create frictionless multichannel user experiences

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