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One of the most popular search engines for finding scholarly articles about a particular topic is Google Scholar. With the help of Google Scholar, you can search in peer-reviewed & online academic journals. Imagine automating this process and monitoring the latest findings about a particular subject.

You can use Browse AI Prebuilt Robots to extract data from Google Scholar, receive an email when the results change, send the data to 5000+ apps using Zapier, collect them into a Google Sheet spreadsheet or Airtable, or even create your own API.

You just need to provide:

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Blockchain challenges and opportunities: A survey

Z Zheng, S Xie, HN Dai, X Chen… - International journal of …, 2018 - inderscienceonline.com

… survey on the blockchain technology. In particular, this paper gives the blockchain taxonomy, introduces typical blockchain consensus algorithms, reviews blockchain applications and …




A vademecum on blockchain technologies: When, which, and how

M Belotti, N Božić, G Pujolle… - … Surveys & Tutorials, 2019 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

… to better provide details fundamental for the possible blockchain platform choice. Section V starts our blockchain vademecum, about When to use blockchain, Which solution to use and …




Where is current research on blockchain technology?—a systematic review

J Yli-Huumo, D Ko, S Choi, S Park, K Smolander - PloS one, 2016 - journals.plos.org

… the technical perspective of Blockchain. Our objective was to find and map all papers with technical viewpoints on Blockchain. We were interested in finding Blockchain research topics …




Do you need a blockchain?

K Wüst, A Gervais - … crypto valley conference on blockchain …, 2018 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

… detail the required blockchain background and the involved parties. The name blockchain stems from … by peers of the blockchain network and modify the state of the blockchain. As such, …




The truth about blockchain

M Iansiti, KR Lakhani - Harvard business review, 2017 - e-tarjome.com

… The technology at the heart of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, blockchain is an open, … (See the sidebar “How Blockchain Works.”) With blockchain, we can imagine a world in …



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