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Extract Overview & Competitors from ZoomInfo

The ZoomInfo Company Insights Extractor is a powerful prebuilt robot designed to extract company information, overview, top competitors, and top employees' list from ZoomInfo. With this robot, you can gather valuable business intelligence and gain insights into companies of interest.


  • Extract company information: This prebuilt robot can retrieve essential company details such as headquarters, phone number, website, revenue, stock symbol, and industry.
  • Gather company overview: Extract the company name, description, and logo name to understand the core aspects of the organization.
  • Identify top competitors: Retrieve a list of top competitors for a given company, enabling you to analyze the competitive landscape.
  • Extract top employees' list: Gather a list of key employees within a company, providing insights into the organization's leadership and talent.

How it works: Using the ZoomInfo Company Insights Extractor is simple. Just provide the Company URL on Zoominfo, and the prebuilt robot will automatically navigate through ZoomInfo, extracting the desired information, including company details, overview, top competitors, and top employees' list.

Integration: Integrate the robot into your existing systems and workflows. It integrates with Google Sheets, Zapier, Webhooks, REST API, Airtable, Pabbly Connect, Make.com, and Integrately.

Use cases:

  • Conduct market research by analyzing company profiles, industry trends, and competitive landscapes.
  • Enhance your sales and marketing strategies by identifying key competitors and target companies.
  • Streamline lead generation and prospecting efforts by leveraging accurate company information.
  • Gain insights into the top employees of a company for networking or partnership opportunities.

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