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Extract Search Results for Themes on WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the go-to platform for discovering free and open-source themes for WordPress websites. With a wide selection of themes available, users can easily find and customize themes to suit their website’s needs.

Scraping the WordPress theme directory helps users gather essential data, like theme names, links, and images. This is perfect for anyone who wants to analyze trends, compare themes, or create curated lists for projects.

Use Cases:

  • Theme Market Analysis: Gather data on popular themes to understand design trends and preferences in the WordPress community.
  • Competitor Analysis: Keep track of new and updated themes to stay ahead by knowing the latest design features and functionalities.
  • Content Creation: Create comprehensive theme lists for blog posts, reviews, or resource pages, offering valuable insights to your audience.
  • Portfolio Building: Curate theme collections for clients or projects, making the selection process easier with detailed information and visuals.

You can integrate this robot with Google Sheets, Airtable, or Zapier, making it simple to organize and share your data. These tools help you manage your information efficiently and collaborate with ease.

Using this prebuilt robot, you can quickly and easily collect and organize detailed information about WordPress themes. This saves you time and helps you make better decisions and create valuable content.

Sample Output
Theme Name
Theme Link
Theme Image


Twenty Twenty-Four




Hello Elementor




Twenty Twenty-Three








Twenty Twenty-Two



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