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- Sales and Marketing: Leverage positive reviews in your marketing campaigns to build trust and attract new customers.

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Verified Reviewer

Verified LinkedIn User

Architecture & Planning, 2–10 Employees

2+ years

Easy to use with great results

9 months ago


Comments: Very positive overall experience with Enscape. I have referred the software to other architecture friends who are older and aren't interested in learning complicated rendering programs.

Enscape is a seemless plugin for my workflow. I do all work in SketchUp, and then use LayOut for generating my construction documents. I was looking for an easy way to take the SketchUp visualization to the next level. Enscape was very easy to learn and use. Would highly recommend the program for great quality rendering.

I am constantly generating hardscape exteriors for my architectural projects and would love to have the ability for both waterfalls and realistic fire features. Other rendering platforms do these two things very well. Enscape can render water that is contained, such as a pool, but it just can't do waterfalls unfortunately.



Verified LinkedIn User

Architecture & Planning, 5,001–10,000 Employees

2+ years

Enscape Long Time usage review/

2 years ago


Comments: Overall I am satisfied with Enscape and its a great choice for someone who is freelancing and doesn't want to spend a lot of money on software. It also is great for offices who want to keep things simple with straightforward workflow and need results fast.

Pros of Enscape - - Easy to use, and straightforward workflow- Cheap as compared to similar software such as Lumion which is three times the price of Enscape- Compatibility with popular architecture software- Features such as high FPS walk-through and can be used with VR

Cons-- The library of assets seems a little small with the competition- The quality is pretty good but dedicated rendering software will provide better results- Moving assets are not available such as moving vehicles or people, so that they can go a certain path



Owner in US

Architecture & Planning, 2–10 Employees

2+ years

Decent software, terrible customer support

2 years ago


Comments: The only experience that I had laws with Customer support. they were not very helpful. still disputing a charge and waiting for a response.

Easy to use and implement. The pricing used to be better.

Customer service. When I tried to renew my license, I did not get good communication with the sales team. They ended up charging my credit card double the amount. Spent hours on the phone trying to recover this and I still don’t have a solution.



Lead 3D Artist/ Architect in US

Architecture & Planning, 11–50 Employees

1-5 months

Fast and Quality GPU Renderings right inside Sketchup

4 years ago


Comments: Enscape creates awesome looking results in very little time, GPU rendering and Ray tracing are the future and this engine leverages this. There are a couple things I would improve (see Above) but they are doing things that almost no one has been able to do in terms of SketchUp Integration.

First, the all-around awesome integration with SketchUp is the best thing of this software. There is a scenes, material and all settings work together seamlessly. Also, geometry doesn't take too much time to generate, so reviewing your scene in real-time while making changes is possible. Ray Tracing Brings another layer of realism to Enscape, and accurate reflections. The Asset Library is also very complete, and soon will have the option to edit materials. Tethered VR Support

I have a couple of points that I did not like. Stitching when creating VR 360 Renderings, currently they come out with Artifacts. Not sure if this will be fixed soon. No way to do Batch 360 Renderings or Animations. It is VERY hard to calculate exposure in 360 images. It depends on where you are looking at when the 360 Render starts. So It can be different every time. Creating Overexposed or underexposed images. WebVR is very laggy and does not look as good as the offline renderings/ tethered experience you can generate with Enscape, light baking integration would solve this. Textures cannot read Relative Paths, so they get broken a lot.



Arquitecto in Portugal

Architecture & Planning, 2–10 Employees

2+ years

Happy comments

9 months ago


Comments: THe possibility ti see the final solution. And with close real materials

The speed.. And the good images that come from Escape. The possibility ti create a 3D model and at the same time we change model the render is already showing the changes... The speed my clients and me can see the finish result about construction.

When section a model and render. Shows interior of section objetcsIt s to dark when inside interior models.. the sun light ould be stronger in entering in spaces by the windoes doors or non walls..Need more materials, textures.. but you are improving every months by actializations

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