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Extract Questions from AppSumo Product

AppSumo is a digital marketplace that offers software deals for entrepreneurs and small businesses. They provide lifetime deals on various software products, making it a popular platform for startups and small business owners looking to save on software costs.

Scraping the questions from AppSumo product pages can provide valuable insights into customer inquiries, common issues, and feedback about the products. This data can be used to improve product offerings, enhance customer support, and understand market needs better.

Use Cases:

- Customer Support Improvement: Use this robot to gather common questions and issues raised by customers, helping your support team address frequent concerns more efficiently.

- Product Development: Analyze the questions to identify features or improvements that customers are looking for, guiding your product development efforts.

- Market Research: Collect data on customer inquiries to understand market trends and customer needs, aiding in strategic decision-making.

- Competitor Analysis: Monitor questions on competitor products to identify their strengths and weaknesses, helping you position your product more effectively.

Integrate this robot with Google Sheets, Airtable, or Zapier to automate the data collection process and seamlessly update your databases or workflows.

Using this prebuilt robot to scrape questions from AppSumo product pages allows you to stay informed about customer needs and feedback, ultimately helping you improve your products and services.

Sample Output


I purchased Tier4 through appsumo I also configured Smtp for my brand but the issue is when we create a new ...

workspace and add someone as admin so that admin receives an email from Billed through email hello@billed.app is it possible to send these emails through our smtp and also is it possible to have an option to edit the templates for newly created admins or users within the workspace ?


May 5, 2024



Im a small business and looking to replace Xero - too expensive now.

Can I import from Xero my figures? Can i scan receipts from my phone? Can I link bank accounts to match up with Invoices? Does it allow me to change the currency and tax of the invoice within templates as some of the quotes I send go out in different currencies and paid to accounts in australia or nz?


May 2, 2024



Can Time tracking and timesheets track all that happens on the desktop?

Does it take any screenshots?


May 5, 2024



Do you plan to add payroll to your software in the future?

Thank you!


May 5, 2024



I noticed that the currency symbol is incorrect.

Could you provide some guidance on how to change it? The Sri Lanka rupee symbol is LKR, but it shows Rs.


May 5, 2024


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