Extract Headings, Paragraphs, and Images from a Webpage

Overview: A powerful prebuilt robot designed to effortlessly extract headings, paragraphs, and images from any webpage. With the prebuilt robot, you can gather valuable content and gain insights from web pages across the internet.


  • Efficiently extract headings, paragraphs, and images: This prebuilt robot can retrieve the main headings, informative paragraphs, and relevant images from any webpage, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the content.
  • Structured data for easy integration: Extracted content is organized in a structured format, making it easy to integrate into your workflows and analysis tools.
  • SEO-friendly approach: This robot ensures that the extracted content adheres to SEO best practices, including proper HTML structure, meta tags, and alt attributes for images.

Integration: Integrate this Webpage Content Extractor seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows. This robot supports integration with popular platforms and tools such as Google Sheets, Zapier, Webhooks, REST API, Airtable, Pabbly Connect, Make.com, and Integrately. This allows you to automate data transfer, streamline processes, and enhance your content analysis capabilities.

Use cases:

  • Content analysis and research: Extract and analyze the headings, paragraphs, and images from web pages to gain insights into industry trends, competitor strategies, and market opportunities.
  • SEO optimization: Analyze the extracted content to identify areas for SEO improvement, optimize meta tags, and enhance your website's visibility in search engine results.
  • Content curation: Gather relevant content from various web pages to curate informative articles, blog posts, or social media updates.
Sample Output
IMG Tags



P Tags


Indie maker at Sole Retriever

H3 Tags


Recent launches

H1 Tags


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