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Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. The platform is primarily used by freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

Scraping reviews from Fiverr gig pages can provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction, service quality, and freelancer performance. This data can be used to make informed decisions about hiring freelancers, understanding market trends, and improving service offerings.

Use Cases:

  • Freelancer Performance Analysis: Use this robot to gather reviews and analyze the performance of freelancers, helping you choose the best talent for your projects.
  • Market Research: Collect data on customer feedback to understand market demands and trends, enabling better service offerings.
  • Quality Assurance: Monitor reviews to ensure consistent service quality and identify areas for improvement.
  • Competitive Analysis: Compare reviews of different freelancers to understand competitive advantages and areas where your services can stand out.

Integrate this robot with Google Sheets, Airtable, or Zapier to seamlessly organize and analyze the extracted data, making it easier to derive actionable insights.

Using this prebuilt robot to scrape Fiverr gig reviews allows you to efficiently gather and analyze customer feedback, helping you make data-driven decisions and improve your service offerings.

Sample Output
Reviewer Username
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2 months


WOW! Stop looking else where and hire this guy. Michael's work was worth every penny. From beginning to end Michael communicated well and was easy to reach. He actually pays attention to the content in the video and SEO's the videos accordingly. Unlike the other guy I hired who I now know, got me very un-organic traffic which stopped giving me views as soon as he finished his job. There are so many people out there claiming they can SEO your videos but the views you get are fake. Which doesnt help your channel at all. Michael, thank you so much for your work ethic. I appreciate that you took your time with each video and even SEO'd an extra video for me. I will be working with you again soon! MUCH MUCH APPRECIATED!




United States

1 month


Michael a great job, he was able to edit 14 videos though I paid for 20 and he is going to do the additional 6 as I upload them, which is flexibility! I plan on checking back to see how it impacts my channel over the next view months and see if ROI is there! @redbeardent is my channel and I’m currently non monetized due to not having the watch time but I have 3.5k subs presently. Hopefully this pushes me towards that monetization over the next 3 months.




United States

1 month


Amazing transaction! I absolutely recommend his services! He optimized 17 videos for me and gave me credit for three more videos in the future. Plus he optimized another video, free of charge. I thought that was awesome! He researched everything. He made my channel & video's tags, descriptions, etc perfect. I hope it helps my channel grow as I don't have many views or followers, but I am very optimistic and excited for the results! And now he's offering another package for video SEO with a discount! I am definitely going to get more done! He's just awesome! I feel totally confident about his work!




United States

2 months


Absolutely amazing, he delivers a HIGH level of extra information at no further cost and will give you a much needed breakdown and analysis of what you’re doing incorrectly with your YouTube channel. The specializing in correct and detailed meta data is most attractive to me. I don’t care for buying views I care about making sure my videos show up in the correct places and are properly indexed. He’s so good you might not be able to implement everything he’s saying right away because his level of YouTube education and expertise is that in depth. Anyways, I’m wholly satisfied and will paying for more videos to be SEO optimized. Although, I technically could do it myself with his free info.





1 day


Honestly... That's the best seller I worked with so far and the reason what makes him different from other ones is that he just doesn't do some quick random promotions... With other seller's ratings, I always gave them 5 stars, as I was nice and they did promote my content, like they were told anyway, but this guy is better, because if you are looking for real potential of views and gaining audience, then do it with this guy... When creating social media ring, he did it on 70 different social accounts, from what he said... Overall, this time I really mean these good results and Mike is an S-Tier seller... If you wanna build audience, don't scroll for promotions, instead search for top rated guys that do SEO, like Mike here!


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