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The world's leading brands and retailers are using Browse AI to capture pricing data, competitive intelligence, trends, and insights at scale for growth.

Why people use Browse AI

With Browse AI the worlds largest brands and retailers are taking action with data.

Dog jump iconTrack granular pricing and vendors of your competitors.
Dog jump iconGet your data delivered the way you want.
Dog jump iconAll delivered to your favorite data tools.
With Browse AI you get the data you need in minutes.
No Coding RequiredNo Coding Required
2-Minute Setup2-Minute Setup
Emulate User ActionEmulate User Action
Extract Images and FilesExtract Images and Files
99.2% Accurate Product Matching99.2% Accurate Product Matching
Flexible and ScalableFlexible and Scalable
Geolocation-Based Data, Global CoverageGeolocation-Based Data, Global Coverage
Data as API in All FormatsData as API in All Formats
Extract Data Behind LoginExtract Data Behind Login
Pagination and Scroll HandlingPagination and Scroll Handling
Captcha SolvingCaptcha Solving
Scheduling abilityScheduling ability
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Capture from any website in 2 minutes or less

Use our robot to capture pricing data from any website in 2 minutes or less. We are already collecting and delivering millions of competitive prices daily. With a 99% product match rate, you are getting the highest quality competitive data on the market.
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Bespoke data solutions

Our robust API allows you to turn competitive pricing data into actionable insights. Capture everything including pricing, product attributes, availability, sellers, markets, localized pricing, pricing zones, currencies, and so much more.

All data is delivered on the timeline you choose… monthly, weekly, daily, and even every 15 minutes.
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Dedicated Account Manager & Professional Services

Our team is here to help get you going. Every enterprise pricing plan includes professional services to help you integrate with your systems, build out complicated workflows, and structure the data the way you want it.
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Actionable Intelligence

Our team can help you build custom data tables and reports so that you can turn insights into action.

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You may be losing out on 10% of your revenue.
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